Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority.

Grow Your Business Beyond What You Ever Imagined

Capitalize on Your Solid Business Foundation 

Maximize Your Gifts with Unprecedented Speaking and Selling  

What to Expect During Your VIP IMPACT Day


Our time together starts with flushing out your wildest dreams and desires for your business and life.  We will customize our time to bring to life your brand, message, programs, products, and mission. You will determine what you would love in your business and how the heck to sell it easily, authentically, and profitably.   We will create not only your roadmap to support your marketing and sales but we will . . . 


Design and Develop a Powerful Business!

 Monetize Your Message!

Build Your Profit Funnel to Easily Jam It Full!

Speak to Profit with a IMPACTFUL Talk That Sells!

Craft Your Own Unique INTROmercialⓇ! 

Master the Art and Science of Selling with CORE CommunicationⓇ!

Design  High-Converting Programs and Products!

Fill Your Events and Cash in On Your Gifts!

Leverage Your Gifts with A Powerful Blueprint for Your Business!

Create a Life of Balance, Success, and Meaning!


"I do all the heavy lifting to elevate your message, sales, programs, and results! AND - I am fully committed to your greatest success. You will be fully equipped and prepared to make a difference and make some serious money . . . Oh, did I mention, you get all this along with a ton of satisfaction!

  • Monetize Your Message

    Speak to Profit! We will craft your entire talk to fill your sales funnel and start a surge of high paying clients.  You share with me who you are and I create a talk that sells every time.

  • On and Offline Profits

    Design and deliver an on and offline message that has your ideal clients eating out of your hands. Master the art of presenting with or without an audience. 

  • Profitable Program Design and Development

    Together, we will create powerful programs that engage and move your ideal clients into action.

  • Build a Successful Foundation

    Whether you are just starting your business or well on your way, a solid foundation is vital to a scaleable, saleable, business that profits over and over again. 

  • INTROmercialⓇ 

    Ditch your ole' fashion elevator pitch that tends to be cheeky and doesn't sell a darn thing. Stand out and assure you get noticed whether for 7 seconds or 7 hours. 

  • Putting It All Together

    Link your experience, knowledge, and expertise to create a life of balance, success, and meaning. Growing a business does not require you to sacrifice anything. Let me show you how.

My passion is to support you in finding your purpose, passion, and power to command any platform. I take your decision to work with me very seriously. We will work together to have you speaking with confidence and selling with authority in no time! 








Jane M Powers

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