"U" Are Built For Success 

JUMP: Your Success Fast Track 

Advanced Business Intensive For Profit and Results

JUMP Offers "U" . . . 

  • Clarity of Vision and Direction

    Reverse Engineer Your Business IMPACT Formula

  • Lead Generation for Massive IMPACT

    Follow Up ~ Funnels ~ Fun

  • Sales ACTION Plan and Mechanics

    CORE Sales Training ~ Overcoming Objections

  • Messaging For IMPACT and Income

    Craft Your Own Unique INTROmercialⓇ and Talk

  • Milestones, Accurate Action, and Accountability

    Measurable Results and Metrics with Ease

  • Sales ACTION Plan and Mechanics

    CORE Sales Training ~ Overcoming Objections


This experience will be tailored to you and the area of your business that needs the most attention so you can lead your business pro-actively, increase your earnings exponentially, and finally



Review, revitalize, and reinvigorate your current business to a standard beyond what you could ever imagine.

JUMP Into Success

    • Turn Actions into Money and Serve at the Highest Level 

    • Stay Ahead of the Marketplace Trends

    • Lower The Cost of Client Acquisition  

    • Design Foundational Business Structure

    • Adjusting and Scaling a Profitable Business

    • Create and Launch your Own Unique IMPACT Formula 

    • Turn Actions into Money

    • Shortcut the Success Curve

    • Sales Mechanics

    • Dodge The Pitfalls in Business

    • Financial Freedom Formula

    What type of Business

    Owner are "U"?​

    • Ready, Aim, Fire!
    • Ready, Aim. . .OH, look Squirrel! 
    • Fire, Ready, Aiming Takes Way Too long!
    • Ready, Ready, Ready, Ready, Still Getting Ready!

    No matter what at some point you have to FIRE and AIM!

    Are you willing to ditch the old way of doing business?

    Why not shortcut your success curve?

    JUMP  is your EPIC solution requiring little to NO heavy lifting! 


    We do all the work for and with you. Yes, we team up on your behalf to create YOUR unique IMPACT Formula for YOUR business. 


    Here are some short and sweet bullet point HINTS to help you streamline your decision making process. JUMP!

    Helpful HINTS . . . this is for YOU if:


    • You don’t need a hint to know this is for you!  

    • You are smart enough to know, you need to take the right action at the right time to get the right results!

    • You are tired of running around and not making money!

    • You have tried to follow “other’s” methods and have hit the wall!

    • You LOVE shortcuts!

    • You are getting some results, yet not exponentially increasing your revenue!

    • You are willing to take ACTION!!!

    You should NOT jump in, if you are . . .


    • NOT willing to dive in head first and create ridiculous success!

    • NOT open to PIVOTing your actions in an ever changing marketplace!

    • NOT interested in staying ahead of the success curve!

    • NOT committed to customizing your business to match your desired lifestyle!

    • NOT devoted to following through and surging to the top of your industry!

    • NOT going to stop making excuses and start implementing the right actions!

    • NOT going to stop making excuses and start implementing the right actions!

    Decide Where to JUMP! AND - Apply Today!

    The 1st of Who Knows When in 2021

    Jaco, Costa Rica

    Unplug and unleash your Success deep in the heart of beautiful Jaco, Costa Rica. 

    2021 When COVID is Done with All of Us!

    Show Low, Arizona

    JUMP into the power of the Mountain to generate infinite ideas and endless success.

    Meet Your JUMP Team

    Jane M Powers &

    Denise Romano

    JUMP Specialists

    Come Packing Safety Nets

    Bringing Decades of Experience and Expertise to You!



    Solid Sustainable Strategies to Outpace the Competition and Build a Scalable Profitable Business. 

    • Set Your Goals to Play BIG

      • Begin with the End in Mind.
      • What is your BIG Goal? Build your step-by-step plan.
      • Personal Development Training: You can’t grow your business if you are sabotaging each step.
    • Nothing but Marketing

      • Marketing is the most important part of a business and, most often, the most neglected part of the business.
      • Build your entire marketing system from foundation to execution!
      • Take all the guesswork out of marketing and fill in the holes that most businesses have.
    • Build Your Business System

      • Build an efficient effective business.
      • Build a Solid Foundation
      • Marketing, Finance, Product, Customer Service, and Leadership.
      • Actionable Planning
    • Sales

      • Dramatically increase sales and closing ratios 
      • Apply the CORE process to leverage sales
      • Quickly connect with your prospects
      • Maximize the appeal of your CORE offer
      • Communicate clearly and effectively to Profit
      • Crack the sales code, easier and faster
    • All About Messaging

      • INTROmercial Creation: Ditch The Old Fashion Elevator Pitch
      • Structure and Steps to Craft a Talk that Sells
      • Your Own Unique Message that Sells
      • Close from Any Platform
    • Fall in Love with Your Numbers

      • Spending Plan for Business and Pleasure (wink wink).  Aka - Living Income Plan
      • What gets Measured, gets Accomplished
      • Must Know what You want to Accomplish
      • Money Making Activities necessary to achieve their goals
      • Cost of Client Acquisition  

    • Step 1: Review and Re-Identify your Targets

      Most sales and marketing processes require you to begin with knowing who your customer is as well as who your potential partners are. Identify not only who you would like to work with but also determine who will be the influencers, decision makers, and buyers for what you sell.

    • Step 2: Uncover Your Sources

      Next, where the heck do you find your audience? You must find them online and offline. This will require you to have effective and accurate messaging that connects, captures, and closes your ideal clients. 

    • Step 3: Set Up Path to Profit

      Now what? Create a path to profit. You must define the various lead stages that your prospect could possibly fall into. They could be cold, warm, hot, dead, or an actual buyer. The stages of your funnel and follow up vary across businesses and industries. At a glance, you must recognize which stage each lead falls into within your sales funnel at any given time.

    • Step 4: Implement Powerful Engagement Actions

      Most of us SUCK at Follow Up! You MUST Nurture your leads! This is the key to gaining a max ROI. Testing your audience is imperative and you will learn how to target the right actions. Is it email marketing, drip marketing, webinars, e-books or more? You will list out all the points of communication your leads need to have with your business. We will look at social media, chat, web forms, email, and good ole’ fashioned phone calls. This step ensures you can keep a track of what nurturing activities are helping a lead to convert.

    • Step 5:  Reduce Your Acquisition Cost: Set up metrics to be measured consistently. 

      Now that you have the system in place, the final step is knowing what you should be measuring with the sales tracking system. Is it the amount of traffic your website gets? Or the number of people who come in from one particular source? Or the average time it takes for a lead to become a customer? Determine what the basic requirements are to make the most out of your efforts.

    Discover the Secret to Establish a Profitable, Predictable, and Purpose-filled Business  

    Since working with Jane, our income has exploded. We'd heard of the concept of speaking from stage in order to gain clients, but until we met Jane, we were never successful at it.

    Cat and Barry Cohen

    Cohen Coaching

    We immediately improved our speaking skills and got speaking gigs. Speaking has been the best decision we ever made.

    My revenue has increased 300% in just 3 months of working with Jane. I’ve become an international best selling author and have enrolled students into my  programs from stage.  

    Eileen Galbraith

    Credit KnowHow


    In no time, I was booked to speak and have been on over 17 stages since my journey with Jane began.

    RJ Redden

    BlackBelt Bots





    My Results . . . Simply



    Jay Fiset



     Jane M. Powers was the one person who I really resonated with, her wit and humor, her ability to command a room and her ability to sell in an aligned and powerful way.



    I hired Jane to help me craft my opening, TIGHTEN my message, and sell in an aligned manner in 90 min or less. Over the span of 6 months, I went from converting 5K in a presentation to my personal best of $128,000 in 75 minutes!

    60 seconds + One INTROmercial = a $10,500 client.
    That’s just the beginning of what listening to and applying the brilliance of Jane M Powers created for me. I joined the yearlong IMPACT program because I saw in Jane what is missing in so many other programs out there ... substance. Relevant substance that works.

    Deborah Dubree



    With business and speaking expertise that runs vast and deep, Jane’s insight has been incredibly valuable to me and my business.

    Jane has helped me fine tune my messaging and empowered me to go out and deliver my talk with confidence. After only a few months of working with Jane, I tripled any previous years revenue from speaking engagements and the feedback has been phenomenal!

    Susan Atwell

    AtWell Staged Home


    Jane has the unique ability of making every single person in a room, from her audience to her clients, feel seen, heard, and incredibly special! 


    Jenny Harkleroad

    Balanced YOU


    With her coaching and expertise, I was able to make six figures the same year. I owe my speaking with confidence and selling with authority to Jane M Powers.



    I heard Jane speak at a women’s luncheon in San Diego. I knew I had to hire her if I wanted my income to change. Not only is she the best speaking and sales coach in the business, but she is a wonderful friend.

    Heidi Mount

    Coach Heidi Mount


    After 1 week of her help, I made $18,000 and 3 weeks later I made $6000 and still growing. Jane cut out my busy work and gave me a prioritized step by step plan on making money fast.

    I learned exactly how to attract my ideal clients and I am able to give a 100% endorsement of her. Trust her, she is over the top in helping you leverage your time.

    It's Time To . . . 

    • Gain Access to a proven roadmap for creating and scaling a high-impact business with profitable programs, events, and platforms.
    • Deep dive with high-caliber colleagues and develop connections with mutual respect and commitment.
    • Stop struggling and chasing clients one-by-one and begin taking the right action at the right time.
    • Master the art of C.O.R.E. Communication to close high-end offers by simply having aligned conversations with your prospects.
    • Start each day feeling free, purposeful, and connected to your vision.


    If you made it this far down the page then, one of two things are true for you...


    One, you have a burning desire to make a lasting impression on the world with your genius and make a load of money doing it. OR - 


    Two, you are frustrated, worn out, defeated, disillusioned, exhausted, broke, broken, marred, panicked, paralyzed, freaked, sidelined, disenchanted, spent....PHEW! And- you want things to be way easier and far more profitable. OR could be - 


    BOTH! I have been around the block enough times to conclude, no matter the level of your success, you are striving for more money, freedom, and ease.


    Over the years, I have found most people are following the crowd and trying to do what the industry leaders are all doing. SURE, it is great to model after the best, but you must stay true to you. At JUMP you will stand up, speak up, and BE YOU! 

    Every part of your business, whether it is your very own "INTROmercial ", Funnel,  talk, Program Pyramid, lead gen, or your signature story, it must scream YOU! My goal and commitment is to get you out there to share their knowledge and expertise so you get the sale. I also promise, you will build a solid business foundation to sustain any market.


    Let me tell you when you learn to confidently position the value you provide and why someone should work with you, your earnings with grow exponentially.


    We will share with you everything I have done to have 5- and 6-figure paydays. I will also share what NOT to do, cuz, I have made plenty of mistakes. 


    I am not kidding, when you attend JUMP, you will feel like you are being shot out of a cannon by the time we are done with you. You will do business in a much simpler effective way, resulting in far greater profits. 


    I hope to see you there!



    PS...It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started in your business and don’t have high-ticket programs or services yet.


    PSS....It doesn’t matter if you already have premium business, let us show you how to effortlessly double what you are currently making now. 

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